CNC Precision Machining - Prototype - Production - Assembly


MAGNUM MACHINE SHOP works with materials that include stainless steel, steel, nickel, copper, aluminum, brass,  plastic and more. We also quote jobs that require less- known or difficult-to-obtain materials. 


MAGNUM MACHINE SHOP takes care of cutting, drilling, turning, milling, lapping, grinding, broaching, plating,painting, powder coating, electron beam welding, helium leak testing,  heat treating, and more, according to the client's needs and job specifications. 


MAGNUM MACHINE SHOP has been a prominent player in the precision machining industry for over 20 years. We have a vast experience in the area what makes us experts in custom CNC machining field. We serve medical, automotive, biotech, and defense  industries and pride ourselves with offering custom machining services beyond your expectations. We provide individual attention to each custom machining project, knowing that every job is unique and requires a different approach. 

Our custom machining services are closely monitored by our quality department throughout every step if the process. Moreover, MAGNUM MACHINE SHOP provides value-added consulting services to every custom machining project to ensure best results and unmatched customer satisfaction. 


One particular area MAGNUM MACHINE SHOP stands out is the production of stainless steel spacers. They restrains motion in mechanics, are cost effective, lightweight, and minimize vibrations. We can fabricate your bushings and spacers in any quantity - from prototype to large volume production. We can also manufacture customized products using other materials, according to your preferences and needs. Our precision machining experts will consult you on the most efficient type of product, and the most cost-effective way of manufacturing them. We will help you choose the proper material for bearings or spacers that will work best for your project.