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We at MAGNUM MACHINE SHOP provide CNC precision machining and specialize in running prototype and production projects. 


We pride ourselves in providing quality products for medical, semiconductor, aerospace, and electronic  industries.   

We fabricate parts according to clients specifications.  Quality and precision are the primary objectives of MAGNUM MACHINE SHOP.

We are dedicated to exceeding our clients' expectations of quality, reliability, and  on time delivery with every job.

MAGNUM MACHINE SHOP offers professional and technologically advanced solutions, along with personalized client services.

Our highly skilled team of employees works hard to provide customized parts guaranteed to match every client's unique needs.

MAGNUM MACHINE SHOP prides itself in the high quality products which is ensured by ISO 9001 -2008 Tailored. These standards  help us  achieve consistent results and continually improve the process.We guarantee close monitoring of the part from the raw material to the finished product. 

We look forward to working with you on any machining project, whether you are located in Santa Clara County, other part of California, or across the country. 

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can help you with your precision CNC machining needs. 

We can help you - regardless of your needs. Call us, email us your drawing or just send a message on Contact page. If you need an engineering consult, just stop by at our place and we will help you.  Contact us today.

CNC Precision Machining - Prototype - Production - Assembly

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